In early 2018, BetterCre completed and handed over a motion graphic video introducing about Tomochain – a technology applied in the TomoCoin trading environment. This is the third motion graphics BetterCre implemented according to TomoApp Vietnam’s order. Earlier, BetterCre had accomplished 2 videos introducing about TomoApp and TomoCoin.

Tomochain called for $8.5 million. In the first three months of the year, Tomochain has released 50 million tablets worldwide, attracted $8.5 million in investments from 50 domestic and international organizations. Accordingly, the number of registers buying from investors over the world at the time before the opening of the business reached $ 50 million, but Tomochain has a disbursement value of $ 7.5 million from 15/1 to 20/2. CEO Tomocoin, Vang Quang Long said “Tomocoin has taken by international positions, knowing as blockchain investors in technology evironment such as Signum Capital (Singapore), Hashed (Korea) NEO (China), Eden Block (Israel), Connect Capita (Germany and USA) … “


TomoChain Introduction



What We Did

Motion Graphic, Video Production

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