Top 5 Graphic Design Trends in 2018

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The design scene is about to look a lot more interesting with new graphic design trends that push the boundaries of the digital/print medium. Explore old favorites and new ways to make your designs stand out!

1. Depth

Depth bringing together shadows and perspective to give digital components a sense of elevation and hierarchy similar to a physical environment.

Credit: Aurelien Salomon

2. Abstract Shapes

The combination of simple shapes and vibrant colors has a playful feel.

Credit: Anton & Irene

Credit: Hello Monday

3. Assertive Type

Bold type make a prominent, eye catching statement with no frills.

Credit: Drip

Credit: Batch Organics

4. Chaotic Juxtaposition

Whether its with graffiti, hand-drawn doodles or punched out shapes, expect to see unconventional type contrasted between different materials and textures.

Credit: Hao Zhuang

Credit: Dropbox and Collins: Dropbox Rebrand

5. Brutalist Details

Look for design cues from ‘90s graphics and a focus on unpolished aesthetics.

Credit: Yves-Garbriel So

Credit: El Burro

By Joanna Ngai

UX Designer at Microsoft

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